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Reverse Java 1.0



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As someone who has experience of IT maintenance would know among the various phases of software development, maintenance is by far the most demanding and expensive along the whole software's life cycle. Within the overall process of software maintenance falls the specific task of understanding the existing system. Research shows that up to 70% of the software maintenance task consists of Software Comprehension. In systems with poor documentation, the code is the only reliable source of information about the system..This makes maintaining not a very exciting task. But now with Reverse Java you can bring down your maintenance cost by 20%.Some of the key benefits of using Reverse Java are1. You are able to completely comprehend any complex or legacy Java Application2. UML Diagrams created by Reverse Java helps to speed your development, enhancement, reuse and testing.3. Eliminate bugs due to faulty understanding of the system, as Reverse Java creates output from the source code and as it happens in the system.4. UML artifacts created can be used to trace back the compliance of the actual code with the intended design.5. Get new hires on board faster, by using easy to understand UML diagrams and not reading through code.What makes Reverse Java standout from others
1. There are various reverse engineering tools available to create static UML diagrams, like Rational Software Architect, however Reverse Java stands out by creating dynamic model representation.
2. As Reverse Java works on source code being executed in the system, sequence diagrams have actual implementation classes and not any Interface or Abstract Classes.
3. Reverse Java can be used with any Java Application, be it an Enterprise Application, Web Application or a Standalone Java Application.
4. Reverse Java requires no external application. Itis a completely self sufficient tool with no plug-ins required.

Systems: Win2000, Win98, WinVista, WinVista x64, WinXP, WinServer

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